im doing grade 11 and next year im doing grade12 so my question is that i want to be a boilermaker and i want to work in sasol so i don't know if this sbject is right to do boilermaker if you have any information please contact me on 0736124260 or 0739615308 in june exam my result isizulu home language level 5 english level 4 geography level 6 life orentation level 7 life science level 3 history level 2 maths litercy level 5

You probably wont get the answer here. My recommendation is this: Does your school have any career counseling for students? Boilermakers typically learn from extended apprenticeships, not so much from school. Yes, there is some chemistry, and physics, and math, but the jist of the boilermaking is repairing an fabricating boilers from set designs, inspecting boilers, and of course, rebricking.

You need to find a local career counselor. Have you asked anyone as Sasol for guidance on a career? I bet they have someone that can spare you a few minutes.

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To become a boilermaker and work at a company like Sasol, it is important to have a strong foundation in technical subjects and relevant skills. While I understand that you have provided your grades, it is important to note that specific requirements may vary depending on the institution or company you wish to apply to.

In terms of subjects, the following are generally recommended for aspiring boilermakers:

1. Mathematics: A solid understanding of basic mathematical principles is essential for boilermakers, as they often need to perform calculations and interpret technical drawings.

2. Physical Sciences: Knowledge of physics and chemistry is useful for understanding the behavior of materials and the principles behind welding and fabrication processes.

3. Engineering Graphics and Design (EGD) or Technical Drawing: This subject will help develop your skills in reading and interpreting technical drawings, which is a crucial aspect of boilermaking.

4. Mechanical Technology or Engineering Technology: These subjects offer insights into mechanical systems, machinery, and engineering principles. They provide a good background for understanding the practical aspects of boilermaking.

Apart from these subjects, it is also important to develop practical skills, such as:

1. Welding: Boilermakers are expected to have a good understanding of different welding techniques, as welding is a major part of their job. Consider enrolling in a welding course or seeking opportunities to gain hands-on experience.

2. Metalwork: Familiarize yourself with tools, equipment, and techniques used in metal fabrication. This can include cutting, bending, and shaping metal.

3. Safety and First Aid: Working in an industrial environment like Sasol requires a strong emphasis on safety. Consider taking first aid courses or looking for opportunities to learn about occupational health and safety practices.

Additionally, it is recommended to research the specific requirements and qualifications needed by Sasol or any other relevant companies in the field. Reach out to their human resources department or visit their website to find information on the skills, academic qualifications, and certifications they require from boilermaker applicants.