The diagram uses a scale of 1/4in:30ft. Explain to use the scale and scale drawing to find actual soccer field dimensions.

Is the correct answer 1in.:120ft

yes. correcct.

To use the given scale of 1/4in:30ft, you need to understand the relationship between the measurements on the drawing and the actual dimensions of the soccer field.

1. Understand the scale: The first step is to understand the meaning of the scale. It states that 1/4 inch on the drawing represents 30 feet in reality. This means that for every 1/4 inch measured on the drawing, the actual measurement is 30 feet.

2. Measure the dimension on the drawing: Use a ruler or a measuring tape to measure the length or width of the soccer field on the drawing. Let's say you measure 2 inches.

3. Calculate the actual dimension: Since 1/4 inch represents 30 feet, you can set up a proportion to calculate the actual dimension. In this case, 2 inches on the drawing represent "x" feet on the actual soccer field.

(1/4 inch / 30 feet) = (2 inches / x feet)

Cross-multiply and solve for "x":

(1/4) * x = (30) * (2)
x/4 = 60
x = 240

So, according to the given scale, the actual length or width of the soccer field would be 240 feet.

Regarding your answer of 1in.:120ft, it seems incorrect because it does not match the given scale of 1/4in:30ft. The correct conversion factor with this scale should be 1in.:120ft.