Which verb mood is used in the following sentence from the selection?

So if you have any sense at all, avoid Storm Fever. (storm fever is a movie)
A. indicative
B. subjunctive
C. conditional
D. imperative
is it c?



or is it subjunctive? that's what mrs. sue said

To determine which verb mood is used in the given sentence, we need to understand the different verb moods and their characteristics.

A. Indicative mood is typically used to state facts or opinions.
B. Subjunctive mood is used to express hypothetical or unreal situations.
C. Conditional mood is used to express a condition or a situation that depends on certain circumstances.
D. Imperative mood is used to give commands or make requests.

Now, let's analyze the sentence: "So if you have any sense at all, avoid Storm Fever."

The sentence does not express a fact or opinion (indicative mood) nor does it suggest a hypothetical or unreal situation (subjunctive mood). There is also no specific condition mentioned that would make it conditional.

However, the sentence does give an instruction or command, suggesting that it is imperative. So, the correct answer is D. imperative.

In conclusion, the correct verb mood used in the given sentence is imperative.