Suppose this selection is an excerpt from a biography. Which of the following changes would make it fiction rather than nonfiction?

A. Transforming it into a first-person account by Louise
B. Transforming it into a dialogue between Louise and a snake
C. Transfroming it into a third-person version by Louie's mother
D. Transforming it into a more detailed piece with specific dates
Is the answer B?

B looks like the best answer.

Jokes on me, B is the right answer. $10, $2, $7, $4, $5.50, $10 sold. Sucker. I would've went 15 easy. I am so stupid :) Family guy reference...But no...I am stupid.

Thannk you

You are certainly welcome.

Lol, so fake answer??

I haven't even one the test and that seems like the worst answer

thats not Ms. Sue, she never tells us the answer and she never responds to us.