When Louis Meyer was five years old, her mother took her to a science museum. That day, young Louis encountered her first snakes, and she's be fascinated with the reptiles ever since. Meyer now breeds snakes for educational programs. She takes her slinky friends to schools, malls, museums, and special events. She teaches onlookers why snakes are important and describes how to handle them and how to distinguish between poisonous and nonpoisnous species. Wherever Louise sets up an exhibt, crowds gather.

Which of the following phrases from the selection supports the correct answer to the previous question?
A. Been fascinated with the reptiles
B. Breeds snakes for educational programs.
C. Teaches onlookers why snakes are important
D. Distinguish between poisonous and nonpoisonous
Is the answer A?

You are right.

No, the answer is not A. The question is asking for the phrase that supports the fact that Louise sets up exhibits and attracts crowds wherever she goes.

The correct answer is C. "Teaches onlookers why snakes are important." This phrase suggests that Louise's educational programs are successful and draw in crowds because she is able to effectively convey the importance of snakes to people.