Which was expected of women in the early nineteenth century?

(Points : 2)
working to own property

obeying their husbands

teaching their daughters reading and math

helping their husbands make economically sound decisions

Is it b?


The answer is obeying their husbands

obeying their husbands

Yes, the expected role of women in the early nineteenth century was to obey their husbands. However, it is important to note that societal expectations varied depending on factors such as social class and cultural background.

To arrive at this answer, you can utilize historical knowledge or do some research on the roles and expectations of women during the early nineteenth century. You can explore primary and secondary sources from that time period, such as books, articles, or diaries, which can provide insights into the societal norms of the era. Additionally, you can also consult history textbooks or reliable online sources for information on the subject.