Which persuasive technique is used in the following phrase from the selection?

The movie was advertised as "full of adventure." It isn't.
A. appeal to emotion
B. appeal to reason
C. repetition
D. rhetorical questions
Is it D?

Emotion is right


I just posted this its not D or A that's what ms. sue said.

Oh,well that's what we learned I know it's something else.

callie, are you sure you posted the same question? I think yours was different

Yea it's b I think

No I posted it at 6:48 PM. But I posted the whole text before the question so its longer. But its the same question.

So? The answer is? hahaha

Is it B Or D ? @hope

It's not D you guys. It is A. I just got 15/16, and this was the ONLY one i missed. I am not giving the other answers. but it is A "appeal to emotion" @callie, and that is why Ms. Sue can't be trusted anymore