My college professor is a highly difficult grader and will always find a way to take her students' papers apart. Therefore, any advice regarding the following essay topic would be appreciated:

How has YouTube altered our definition of creativity?

(We are also supposed to use the philosopher Benjamin's article in our explanation.)

Would anyone be willing to review an e-mailed portion of the essay? The way she is asking us to do this is impossible and I can't seem to work through it. I have edited it several times but it still does not flow, mainly because of the prompt itself being so complicated.

We don't deal with email on this website.

I can definitely help you with your essay topic. Understanding the prompt and incorporating key concepts from the philosopher Benjamin's article can be challenging, but don't worry, I'm here to guide you.

To tackle this essay effectively, here's a step-by-step approach:

1. Understand the prompt: Start by breaking down the question and identifying the key elements. In this case, the prompt is asking you to explore how YouTube has influenced our understanding of creativity. Make sure you have a clear understanding of what the prompt is requesting.

2. Research and gather information: Begin by researching the topic. Look for scholarly articles, studies, or other sources that discuss the impact of YouTube on creativity. Additionally, read Benjamin's article (if provided) to understand his perspective on technology and creativity.

3. Develop a thesis statement: Based on your research, formulate a clear and well-defined thesis statement. It should articulate your stance on how YouTube has altered our definition of creativity. Ensure that your thesis statement takes into account Benjamin's ideas, as you are required to use his article in your explanation.

4. Outline your essay: Create an outline that organizes your ideas and supports your thesis statement. This will help you ensure that your essay flows logically and coherently.

5. Write the introduction: Begin your essay with an engaging introduction that provides a background of the topic, includes your thesis statement, and sets the tone for the rest of the essay. Consider incorporating a brief overview of Benjamin's ideas to establish context.

6. Present your arguments: In the body paragraphs, present your arguments and evidence to support your thesis statement. Make sure to integrate Benjamin's ideas by incorporating relevant quotes or paraphrasing his concepts. Each paragraph should focus on a specific aspect of how YouTube has altered our definition of creativity.

7. Analyze and provide examples: Analyze the impact of YouTube on creativity and provide examples to illustrate your points. You can discuss how YouTube enables individuals to express their creativity, the influence of user-generated content, the democratization of creative expression, or any other relevant aspects you have identified during your research.

8. Counterarguments: Address potential counterarguments that may challenge your thesis statement. Rebut these counterarguments with solid reasoning and evidence.

9. Conclusion: Summarize your main points and restate your thesis statement. Reflect on the significance of YouTube's impact on creativity and its broader implications.

Now, regarding the request for someone to review your essay via email, while I'm unable to do that directly, I can certainly assist you in improving the flow and organization of your essay. Feel free to share specific sections or paragraphs, and I'll be glad to provide suggestions and feedback on how to enhance them.