What is the first step in solving the equation?

3/4 divided by 2/3

Is the answer multiply



Yes because you would keep, change, flip. Now the problem will look like this:

3/4 x 3/2!

Hope this helped!

So I turn the second fraction upside down first

Yes. then solve from there.

What grade math is this?

6th grade

oh. ok

To solve the equation (3/4) ÷ (2/3), the first step is to change the division problem into a multiplication problem. This is done by multiplying the first fraction by the reciprocal of the second fraction. The reciprocal of a fraction is found by swapping the numerator and denominator.

So, first, we can rewrite the equation as (3/4) × (3/2), where we have multiplied the first fraction (3/4) by the reciprocal of the second fraction (2/3).

Now, to simplify the equation further, we multiply the numerators and denominators together:

(3 × 3) / (4 × 2)

This gives us:


Therefore, the answer to the equation (3/4) ÷ (2/3) is 9/8.