The ordered pairs(1,4), (2,16), (3,64), (4,256),(5,1024) represent a function. What is a rule that represents,this function?

My answer is y=x to the 4th power

Hi! Your answer is correct.

To find the rule that represents the given function, let's analyze the pattern in the ordered pairs.

If we observe the x-values in the ordered pairs, we can see that they follow a sequence: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. These are consecutive positive integers starting from 1.

If we look at the y-values in the ordered pairs, we notice that each y-value corresponds to the x-value raised to the power of 4. That is, for each ordered pair (x, y), the y-value is equal to x to the 4th power.

So, the rule that represents this function would be y = x^4.

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