Hannah made 4 cups of pudding. If she served 2/3 cup of pudding to each of her dinner guest, how many guests did she serve?

4 / (2/3)

4 * (3/2) = `12/2 = 6

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To find out how many guests Hannah served, we need to divide the total amount of pudding she made by the amount of pudding each guest received.

First, let's calculate the total amount of pudding Hannah made, which is given as 4 cups.

Next, we need to determine how much pudding each guest received, which is mentioned as 2/3 cup.

To divide the total amount of pudding by the amount each guest received, we can use the division operation:

Total amount of pudding ÷ Amount of pudding per guest

Substituting the values, we have:

4 cups ÷ 2/3 cup

When we divide a fraction by a fraction, we multiply the first fraction by the reciprocal of the second fraction. So, the division becomes a multiplication:

4 cups × 3/2 cup

Multiplying fractions is done by multiplying the numerators (top numbers) and the denominators (bottom numbers):

(4 × 3) cups ÷ (1 × 2) cup

Simplifying further:

12 cups ÷ 2 cups

Finally, performing the division:

12 ÷ 2 = 6

Therefore, Hannah served 6 guests with 4 cups of pudding, where each guest received 2/3 cup of pudding.