The area of a rectangular field is 96m2. The length of one side is 12m. The farmer needs to know its perimeter to work out how much fencing will be needed?

I am stuck please help me I need to do my homework and it's due tomorrow


I am stuck pls help


Ans =96m2. L=12 so how about 12 divided by 96 or 12 multiplied by 96 try that I don't now mutch because I am in grade 5 only

Last answer is a trick real answer is 96×96 what sir said listen properly rectangle area is breath ×length in perimeter its 2×breath+lenth means lenth×2 and breath×2. Square means length×length in area. So multiply fist then divide by 12 so answer should be 768 =peremeter =768

You have to times 96 by itself.Then add 12 to your awnser.It should be 588.

To find the perimeter of a rectangular field, you need to know the lengths of both sides of the rectangle. However, in this case, we only have the length of one side.

Let's assume the length of the rectangle is 12m, as given in the question. We'll call this side "L".

The area of a rectangle is calculated by multiplying the length (L) by the width (W). In this case, we have:

Area = L * W = 96m²

Since we know the area (96m²) and one side length (12m), we can rearrange the formula to solve for the other side length (W) as follows:

W = Area / L = 96m² / 12m = 8m

Now we have both side lengths:

Length (L) = 12m
Width (W) = 8m

To find the perimeter, we add up all four sides:

Perimeter = 2L + 2W

Substituting the values, we get:

Perimeter = 2(12m) + 2(8m) = 24m + 16m = 40m

Therefore, the farmer will need 40 meters of fencing to enclose the field.

12 x = 96

x = 96/12

2 x + 2 (12) = perimeter