which of the following is a example of heat transfer by radiation?

a. wind currents
b. a pot of water boiling on the stove
c. a bare foot on a hotsidewalk
d. a microwave oven heating food <---



microwaves are electromagnetic radiation

I think it's C?

thx guys

this is what I need help with! these are the answers and this is the Question please help

Which of the following is an example of convection?

1 warming your hands by the fire

2 ocean currents redistributing heat

3 heated spoon in a pot of macaroni on the stove

4 pressing clothes using a hot iron

The correct answer is d. a microwave oven heating food.


Heat transfer by radiation is the process of transferring energy through electromagnetic waves, without the need for any physical medium or direct contact between objects. In this case, a microwave oven uses electromagnetic waves (specifically, microwaves) to heat food.

To determine the correct option, we need to understand the basic principles behind the other options:

a. Wind currents: Wind currents involve the movement of air particles from one place to another. While wind currents can transport heat, they do so through the process of convection, not radiation.

b. A pot of water boiling on the stove: Boiling water on a stove involves heat transfer through conduction and convection. The stove's heat is conducted through the bottom of the pot, heating the water, and then convection currents circulate the heated water.

c. A bare foot on a hot sidewalk: This is an example of heat transfer through conduction. The hot sidewalk transfers heat to your foot through direct contact, which is the process of conduction.

d. A microwave oven heating food: A microwave oven uses electromagnetic radiation in the form of microwaves to heat food. The microwaves are absorbed by the water, fats, and sugars present in the food, which causes them to vibrate and generate heat. This is an example of heat transfer by radiation.

In summary, while all the options involve heat transfer, only option d. a microwave oven heating food demonstrates heat transfer through radiation.