The service of day reporting centers typically would not include

a. counseling.
b. drug testing.
c. surveillance.
d. residential care.

is it D


To determine the correct answer, let's carefully go through each option:

a. Counseling: Day reporting centers may provide counseling services as part of their programs to address behavioral and psychological issues that may contribute to criminal behavior. Therefore, it is not excluded from the services they offer.

b. Drug testing: Day reporting centers often conduct drug testing to ensure that participants are complying with any court-mandated or program requirements. Therefore, it is likely included in their services.

c. Surveillance: Day reporting centers may employ various surveillance measures to monitor participants and ensure compliance with program rules or conditions. Examples may include electronic monitoring or regular check-ins. Therefore, it is likely included in their services.

d. Residential care: This option suggests that day reporting centers may offer residential care, which is generally not a typical service provided by these centers. Day reporting centers are based on the idea of providing structured programming and support while allowing participants to remain in their own residences. Therefore, it is the most plausible option among the given choices.

Considering the above analysis, the correct answer is d. residential care.