26. In the last few centuries, the number of species becoming extinct on Earth has

A.decreased dramatically
B. decreased slightly.
C. increased slightly.
D.increased dramatically

I think it should be C.

its c

your both wrong

Actually, the correct answer is D. "increased dramatically." Over the last few centuries, the number of species becoming extinct on Earth has significantly increased. This is primarily due to human activities such as habitat destruction, pollution, climate change, and overexploitation of natural resources.

To find the answer to this question, we need to consider the trends in species extinction over the last few centuries. One way to determine this is by reviewing scientific studies and reports that document changes in species extinction rates over time.

To begin, you can conduct an internet search using keywords such as "trends in species extinction in the last few centuries" or "changes in extinction rates over time." This will help you find reputable sources, such as articles from scientific journals or reports from conservation organizations, that discuss the topic in detail.

When examining these sources, it is important to look for information that provides evidence or data on the changes in species extinction rates. For instance, you can search for studies that analyze historical records, fossil records, or surveys of biodiversity to determine how extinction rates have changed over the centuries.

Additionally, information from organizations like the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) or the World Conservation Union (WCU) could be helpful. These organizations often publish reports and assessments that provide insights into the current state of global conservation efforts, including species extinction rates.

As you review the information, pay attention to any trends or patterns that emerge. Look for evidence that supports or contradicts each option provided in the multiple-choice question. Based on these findings, you will be able to deduce which answer choice aligns best with the available data.

Remember, it's always crucial to rely on reputable sources and to critically evaluate the information you find to make an informed decision.