Carl needs estimate the quotient 547 divideted by 92 explain how Carl could use compatible numbers to make a reasonable estimate

540 / 100

what is 6 more than the estimated quotient of 98 and 5

To use compatible numbers to make a reasonable estimate of the quotient 547 divided by 92, Carl can begin by looking for numbers that are close to 547 and 92 and are easy to work with mentally.

Step 1: Identify Compatible Numbers
Carl can identify the compatible numbers by rounding 547 and 92 to the nearest compatible numbers. For example, he can round 547 to 550 and 92 to 90.

Step 2: Perform the Division
Now that Carl has the compatible numbers, he can perform the division mentally using the rounded numbers. Carl would divide 550 by 90, which is much easier to calculate mentally.

Step 3: Calculate the Estimate
Using the rounded numbers, Carl would divide 550 by 90 to get an estimate of the quotient. In this case, the estimate would be 6.

Therefore, based on the compatible numbers 550 and 90, Carl could estimate the quotient of 547 divided by 92 to be approximately 6.