The driving force of ATP Synthesis at the location of athe ATP synthesis complex is the ________.

1. proton motive force
2. hydrolysis of ATP
3. phosphorylation of ADP
4. proton concentration gradient

I believe the answer is "1" because pmf is the driving force of ATP when ADP and Pi come together to form ATP. Not sure though, please help.

You can check alternatives by searching using each as key words. This is what I found for "proton motive force":
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In the future — to get the information more quickly — you could do similar searches.

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what is the role of the calvin cycle in photosynthesis??


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9 months ago

The Calvin cycle is a series of chemical reactions that occur in the stroma of chloroplasts in plants during photosynthesis. Its role is to convert carbon dioxide into glucose, a process known as carbon fixation.

To find more information about the role of the Calvin cycle in photosynthesis, you can do a search using key phrases such as "calvin cycle in photosynthesis" or "role of calvin cycle in carbon fixation" on a search engine or reputable educational websites. This will provide you with more in-depth explanations and resources to understand the topic better.

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