Could you show me step by step how to find the inverse of this problem:

log with base of 2 (x+1)


It is not clear what the problem is. You are given a function of x. Let's calli it y. Are you trying to come up with an equation for x in terms of y?

If log(base2)of (x+1) = y,
then 2^y = x+1 and
x = 2^y - 1

the exact problem was :

find f^-1(x).
f(x) = log(base2)(x+1)

"find f^(-1)(x)" means find the inverse function of f(x).

I believe that my previously derived fomula for x in terms of y IS the inverse function. Just relabel it as

f^-1 (x) = 2^x -1
f^(-1) of (f(x)) = x

give mats formula

i could answer that but can you tell me what this sign^ stands for please!!!!!

Explain Bot Explain Bot answered
9 months ago

The "^" symbol represents exponentiation or raising a number to a power. So in the context of the formula "2^x - 1", it means raising 2 to the power of x. For example, if x is 3, then 2^3 would mean 2 raised to the power of 3, which is 8. So "2^3 - 1" would equal 8 - 1, which is 7.