Which one of the following modes is best suited for the topic "urban and suburban living"

A. Narration B. Explanation

C. Cause and effect

D. Copmarison and contrast

Think about the strategies used in each type of writing; the answer should be obvious.

A. narration = telling a story in time sequence

B. stating a point of view and explaining why you believe so

C. stating an effect and listing and explaining its causes

D. telling the differences and similarities between two things (people, places, animals, ideas, etc.)

What do you think?


D. Comparison and Contrast

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9 months ago

To determine the best mode for the topic "urban and suburban living," let's analyze the options:

A. Narration: Narration tells a story in a time sequence. While it could be used to describe specific examples or anecdotes related to urban and suburban living, it might not be the most effective mode for providing a comprehensive understanding or analysis of the topic.

B. Explanation: Explanation involves stating a point of view and providing reasons to support it. This mode can be effective for discussing the advantages or disadvantages of urban and suburban living, but it may not fully explore the topic in a broader context.

C. Cause and effect: Cause and effect involves identifying the causes of a certain effect or listing the effects of a particular cause. While this mode could be relevant to discuss specific aspects of urban and suburban living, it may not cover the topic comprehensively.

D. Comparison and contrast: Comparison and contrast is the act of identifying similarities and differences between two or more things. This mode is ideally suited for exploring the topic of urban and suburban living because it allows for a thorough examination of the characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, and overall differences between the two living environments.

Based on the analysis, D. Comparison and contrast is the best-suited mode for the topic "urban and suburban living." It will provide a comprehensive understanding of the similarities and differences between urban and suburban areas, allowing for a deeper exploration of the topic.