formulate a solution that takes into account audience characteristics... requirements, and expectations?

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I have tell 25 classmate that our trip has been canceled for mexico because the bus company filed bankruptcy and they will not be getting their $100.00 deposit back. I have to find a solution that takes into account my audience characteristic which i am assuming is college students and the requirements which i am stuck at
and the expectations which i am assuming the college student wants to go to mexico can anyone help me please.

I know that $100 can mean a lot to a college student, but we have to face reality. The money is lost. The good news: It isn't more than $100; when things like this happens folk usually lose many hundreds or even thousands. What we can learn is to do better research on tour operators. In addition, you might try to get publicity--say, a local newspaper--to print the story and perhaps some civic-minded group will start, and contribute to, a fund. Finally, get the college newspaper to report the story and ask students to contribute $1 or more to help defray the loss.

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To effectively communicate this unfortunate news to your classmates, while taking into account their characteristics, requirements, and expectations, consider the following solution:

1. Start with empathy: Begin by acknowledging the disappointment and frustration that your classmates may feel. Understand that $100 can be a significant amount for college students, and it's crucial to approach the situation with sensitivity.

2. Provide context: Explain the reason behind the trip cancellation, which is the bus company filing for bankruptcy. Assure your classmates that this is an unavoidable circumstance, beyond anyone's control.

3. Highlight the silver lining: Emphasize the positive aspect that the lost amount is limited to $100. Mention that in similar situations, people often lose much larger sums, and this can be a learning experience to be more cautious about tour operators in the future.

4. Suggest alternative actions: Instead of dwelling on the loss, offer some practical solutions. One option is to seek publicity for the situation by reaching out to a local newspaper. Perhaps they can write an article to raise awareness, and this may encourage civic-minded groups or individuals to contribute to a fund to help offset the loss.

5. Engage classmates: Urge your classmates to take an active role in resolving the issue. Approach the college newspaper and ask them to report on the story, urging fellow students to contribute a small amount, such as $1 or more, to support those affected by the cancellation.

By considering your audience's characteristics, requirements, and expectations, this solution offers empathy, transparency, practical suggestions, and an opportunity for your classmates to support each other during this unfortunate incident.