A skipper on a boat notices wave crests passing his anchor chain every 5 s. He estimates the distance between wavecrests to be 15 m. He also correctly estimates the speed of the waves. What is the speed?

Speed = (wavelength) x (frequency)
= (15 m)[1/(5 s)] = 3 m/s

There are many waves thier is transverse waves, microwaves, etc.

The speed of the waves is 3 m/s.

To find the speed of the waves, we can use the formula:

Speed = Wavelength x Frequency

Given that the skipper notices wave crests passing the anchor chain every 5 seconds, we can infer that this time interval represents the frequency of the waves. Therefore, the frequency is 1/5 s (1 wave crest passing in 5 seconds).

The skipper also estimates the distance between wave crests to be 15 meters, which represents the wavelength.

Now, we can substitute these values into the formula:

Speed = (15 m) x (1/5 s) = 3 m/s

Therefore, the speed of the waves is 3 meters per second.