Mary wants to find the area of a rectangle 1/6 by 5/6 .How many unit squares with side length 1/6 yard would mary be able to use to title the rectangle?i got 106 is the correct

Unless you have a typo (which I suspect), five of them in a row would cover it.

My answer was 1/1/6 is that correct and it wS not an error I just give u the numbers of the rectangle the have

You need five if you have no typos. Draw it on a piece of paper.

to use math:
tile area = 1/6*1/6 = 1/36

rectangle area = 1/6 * 5/6 = 5/36

5/36 / 1/36 = 5

what is 1- 5/6

To find the number of unit squares that Mary would be able to use to tile the rectangle, we need to calculate the area of the rectangle.

The area of a rectangle is calculated by multiplying its length by its width. In this case, the length is 1/6 yard and the width is 5/6 yard.

To multiply fractions, we multiply the numerators (top numbers) together, and then multiply the denominators (bottom numbers) together. So, the area can be calculated as:

(1/6) * (5/6) = (1 * 5)/(6 * 6) = 5/36

Therefore, the area of the rectangle is 5/36 square yards.

Next, we need to determine how many unit squares with a side length of 1/6 yard can tile this area. We can do this by dividing the total area of the rectangle by the area of a single unit square.

The area of a unit square is (1/6) * (1/6) = 1/36 square yards.

Dividing the total area of the rectangle (5/36 square yards) by the area of a unit square (1/36 square yards) gives us:

(5/36) ÷ (1/36) = (5/36) * (36/1) = 5

Therefore, Mary would be able to use 5 unit squares to tile the rectangle. Therefore, the correct answer is 5, not 106.