During exercise, the recommended maximum heart rate in beats per minute is modeled by the formula M=176-0.8A, where M is the maximum heart rate and A is the person’s age. Approximately, at what age would you have a recommended heart rate in beats per minute of 125?

A.52 years
B.64 years
C.67 years<---
D.70 years

125 = 176- 0.8A

125 - 176 = - 0.8A

-51 / -0.8 = A

63.75 = A

solved it myself. for 2021 answer is 51.

176- (0.8 x 51)= 135.2

Bro “Wicked Ferret” (I don’t know what kind of name that is but whatever) It is not “B” I turned in the test and it was not “B” lucky for me I put in a different answer and got it right SO WHY DONT YOU USE YOUR BRAIN and get the answer right! “CYA” (Don’t give fake information on the internet”

Take the answer Ms. Sue has and round it (63.75)

you should get 64

It doesn't make sense!!!

@soneillon 51 is not even an answer

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So if m= max heart rate, which you know is 125. Then write the equation as. 125=176-0.8A. Now solve for A to get the persons age. You will need to round to get the answer.

what about same equation, but with a bpm of 125?

A. 25
B. 39
C. 51
D. 53

135** sorry