I'm taking AP US History so I have a summer assignment. I'm supposed to read The Metaphysical Cub by Louis Menand and write a 4-6 page essay on how the ideas of the past (written about in this book_ effect us today... If anyone has read this book, could you please give me some ideas on what to put in the essay? Like, which ideas are still effecting us today about how? Thanks!

my 1st question is: Have you read the book yet?

Yes, I have. But I suck at writting essays and i don't even know where to begin so I was hoping for some ideas on what ideas I can say still effect us today.

Several reviews with ideas here:


Amazon has 60+ reviews here:

Thank you!

Although I have not personally read "The Metaphysical Club" by Louis Menand, I can still provide guidance on how to gather ideas for your essay on how the ideas presented in the book continue to affect us today.

1. Read Reviews: The links you provided contain reviews of the book. Reading these reviews will give you an overview of the main ideas discussed in the book and how they relate to contemporary society. Look for ideas or arguments that stand out to you as particularly relevant.

2. Analyze Amazon Reviews: The Amazon reviews can also provide insights. Look for patterns or common themes mentioned by multiple reviewers. Pay attention to how the ideas from the book have impacted readers personally or influenced their perspectives.

3. Book Summary: If you have already read the book, revisit its main points. Identify specific passages or chapters that you find impactful or thought-provoking. Consider how these arguments or ideas may still resonate today in various aspects of society.

4. Scholarly Articles: Searching for scholarly articles related to the book and its ideas can offer in-depth analysis and additional perspectives. Academic databases such as JSTOR, Google Scholar, or your school library's resources can provide access to such articles. Reading scholarly articles will not only strengthen your understanding of the book but also provide you with more supporting evidence for your essay.

5. Research Current Events: Connect the ideas from the book with current events or issues in society. Look for examples where the themes or concepts discussed in the book are still relevant today. This can help to demonstrate the continued impact of these ideas.

6. Brainstorm and Outline: Once you have gathered various ideas and examples, brainstorm how these ideas still affect us today. Create an outline to organize your thoughts and arguments. Consider structuring your essay around specific examples or areas where the ideas are still influential, such as politics, education, or social movements.

Remember, the purpose of your essay is to analyze and explain how the ideas in the book continue to impact society today. Provide evidence, examples, and logical explanations to support your arguments. Good luck with your essay!