A diver is wroking 30 meters below sea level. Another diver is taking a break on a platform directly above him that is 5 meters above sea level.How far apart are the two divers?

a. 5 meters
b. 25 meters
c. 35 meters
d. 40 meters

please answer and explain

wrong, I think is answer c

yes, answer c, thank you

I have this question on my worksheet and i said it was C but im not totally sure

the answer is c

If you consider sea level to be 0m, then one diver is at -30m, and the other diver is at 5m. Does this make sense?

If it makes sense, then what is the distance between these two divers?

B. is not right.

30 + 5 = ______ meters

my answer is b, but i am not sure