Determine the narrator's perspective

Harold Davis took a deep breath and slowly started to peel the gauze from the wound on his grandmother's leg. "Hold on Grandma. I'm almost done," he said quietly. "Don't worry, baby. It doesn't hurt too much," she quietly replied. "Just take your time."
Harold glanced up at his grandmother lying on the couch. He could tell she was in pain from the way she gripped the cushions, but still she managed to smile back at him.

Third Person Omniscent

Partly right. What makes it omniscient?

Omniscient narration tells more than one

character's thoughts or feelings

Whose THOUGHTS and FEELINGS are clear in here besides Harold's?

To determine the narrator's perspective in a given text, it's important to analyze the pronouns used and the level of knowledge and access to characters' thoughts and feelings. In this passage, the use of the pronouns "he" and "she" indicates that the story is told from a third-person perspective.

Furthermore, since the narrator has the ability to access the thoughts and emotions of multiple characters (evidenced by the description of Harold's perception of his grandmother's pain), we can conclude that the narrator's perspective is third-person omniscient. The narrator provides insights into Harold's thoughts, actions, and observations, as well as those of his grandmother.