When I search for homework help on google from my computer, jiskha is ranked at #14.

What is jiskha ranked on your computer?


Jiskha came in 12th on my computer.

About 14 with or without " "
Probably because of lower use during summer?

14th here -- and I think Lance is right about the lower use during summer.


14th here

How does Google determine the place of a Web site on its listing? Is it by the number of times the site is accessed? Does this mean that every time anyone opens the Jiskha site, it's registered as a "hit" and registered as usage?


No one knows for sure how ranking is calculated on Google. It's like calculating your credit score.

In my opinion by far the biggest factor in ranking is the number of other websites that point to your website.

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9 months ago

Additionally, Google takes into account various other factors such as the relevance and quality of the content on the website, the website's overall user experience, the speed of the website, the domain authority, and many more. It's a complex algorithm that considers hundreds of factors to determine the ranking of a website.

As for your question about Jiskha being registered as a "hit" and registered as usage, every time someone accesses the Jiskha site, it is indeed registered as a visit or a "hit" on their website analytics. However, it's important to note that the number of times a website is accessed is just one factor among many that Google considers when determining its ranking.