What do we call kinds of animals that disappear abruptly from fossil record, yet are still alive today?

"Misplaced" fossils younger fossils found below older fossils are called?

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redeposition fossils

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Question 1: The term you are looking for is "living fossils." Living fossils are species of animals or plants that have remained virtually unchanged over millions of years and have survived from the time of the dinosaurs to the present day. They are called living fossils because they provide a glimpse into the past and allow us to study ancient forms of life that have remained relatively unchanged.

To find this answer, you can consult various reliable sources such as scientific articles, books, or trusted websites that focus on paleontology or evolutionary biology. These sources often discuss living fossils and provide examples of these species.

One example of a reliable website where you can find information about living fossils is the University of California Museum of Paleontology (UCMP) website. They have a section dedicated to explaining the concept of living fossils and provide a list of some well-known living fossil species.

Question 2: The term you are referring to is "redeposition fossils." Redeposition fossils are fossils that are found in geological strata that are not their original place of deposition. This can occur due to various geological processes such as erosion, landslides, or the movement of sediment.

To learn more about this term, you can explore geological textbooks, scientific articles, or websites that focus on geology or paleontology. These sources often explain the different ways fossils can be redeposited and provide examples and case studies to support the concept.

One reliable source where you can find information about redeposition fossils is the United States Geological Survey (USGS) website. They have a section dedicated to explaining how fossils are formed and preserved, and they also discuss the various processes that can lead to the redeposition of fossils.

Question 1:

The kinds of animals that disappear abruptly from the fossil record but are still alive today are known as "living fossils".

Question 2:

Fossils that are incorrectly placed in a geological timescale, with younger fossils found below older fossils, are called "redeposition fossils".