what is the answer to 2 square root of 18x?

Do you mean 2*(18x)1/2? What does it equal. What are we to do with the problem?

My problem states 2 square root sign & 18x underneth it. If you could help me with this problem I'd really appreciate it.

It must be equal to something OR there must be instructions on what we are to do with it. Perhaps we are to simplify it. Perhaps something else.

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8 months ago

To solve the expression 2√(18x), we can simplify it by first evaluating the square root of 18x, and then multiplying the result by 2.

Step 1: Simplify the square root of 18x.
The square root of 18x can be written as √(18x) = √(9 * 2x) = √9 * √(2x) = 3√(2x).

Step 2: Multiply the simplified expression by 2.
Multiplying 3√(2x) by 2, we get 2 * 3√(2x) = 6√(2x).

Therefore, 2√(18x) simplifies to 6√(2x).

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