14. Which of the following is part of the strategy of modifying behavior?

A. Analyze the behavior that needs changing.

B. Inform the student that he or she needs to change his or her behavior.

C. Ignore students who demonstrate a need for attention.

D. Ensure that the punishment fits the behavior.

18. Which of the following is a characteristic of a sane message?

A. It uses you messages, rather than I messages.

B. It labels the behavior, rather than the student.

C. It labels the student, rather than the behavior.

D. It uses a little sarcasm to get the point across.

19. What personal characteristics do the best classroom managers have?

A. Congruence, acceptance, reliability, empathy

B. Compassion, acceptance, responsibility, empathy

C. Compatibility, acceptance, reliability, empathy

D. Acceptance, reliability, responsibility, kindness

Could you please help me with these I seem to be a little stuck...again
my answers are

14) B I really think that this one is wrong but cant really find the right reference page can you guide me

18) B

19) A

4 answers

  1. I would pick:

    14. D
    18. B
    19. A

  2. Why do you choose 14. as D please explain

  3. I'd choose D for 14 also -- my reason is that the other three are nice to discuss, but in the end, they won't change anyone's behavior. Only D might do that.

  4. If the punishment is to mild, it will be ineffective. If it is too severe, it is more likely to generate hostility toward the punisher rather than a change in behavior.

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