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what is the solubility of barium sulfate in a solution containing 0.050 M sodium selfate? The Ksp value for barium sulfate is 1.1E-10.

An insoluble salt with formula MX3 has a solubility product constant written in terms of solubility,s, in the form
a) Ksp=s2
c) Ksp=27s4

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  1. A) Solubility of BaSO4 is worked similar to the CaCO3 problem. The principle difference is that the solution has Na2SO4 in it. Note Na2SO4 is a common ion (the sulfate ion is the common ion). What does that do. Sulfate comes from two sources; i.e., from BaSO4 (where it will be x) and from Na2SO4 (where it will be 0.05M). So the BaSO4 problem will be
    Ksp = (Ba^2+)(SO4^2-)
    Ksp = (x)(x+0.05) and solve for x.

    B)I assume X is a halogen which then means M must be +3 element.
    MX3(s) ==> M^3+ + 3X^-
    Ksp = (M^3+)(X^-)^3
    So set up the ICE chart in terms of s (follow the examples before where we let solubility be x) and plug that into Ksp expression. The correct answer is listed in the choices.

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