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if one can find the ratio of the number of moles of the elements in a compound to one another, one can find the formula of the compound. in certain compound of copper and oxygen, Cux Oy, we find that a sample weighing 0.5424g contains 0.4831g Cu.

a. How many moles of Cu are in the sample?
0.4831:63.546g/mol =.76 moles

b. How many grams of O are there in the sample? (the mass of the sample equals the mass of Cu plus the mass of O.)

mass O=0.6349- 0.431g Cu =0.1518g

c. how many moles of O are there in the sample?

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1 answer
  1. If I divide 0.4831/63.54 I get something like 0.00776.

    And g oxygen = mass sample-mass Cu = 0.5424-0.4831 = ??
    moles oxygen = ??/32

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