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A 500kg steel boiler is used to convert 200kg of water into steam. Calculate the total energy required to heat both the steel and its' contents from 20.0°C to 100.0°C. The specific heat capacity of the steel is 0.528J/g°C.

Heattotal= heat steel + heat water + heatsteam

= masssteel*Cs*(Tf-Ti) + mw*cw*(tf-ti)+ mw*Lv where Lv is the latent heat of vaporization for water

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  1. Suppose that a 1.15 g of rubbing alcohol (ÄHvap=45.4 kJ/mol) evaporates on a 65.0 g aluminum block. If the aluminum block is initially at 25 oC, what is the final temperature of the block after the vaporization of the alcohol? The specific hear of Al is 0.903 J/goC

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