I'm stumped with one of the problems in this assignment:

"Tell where the following people are coming from. Use the correct form of venir. Give the most logical answer.

Example: Ils ont des livres.
Ils viennent de la bibliotheque.

Problem: Tu as un compact."

Seeing as "un compact" translates to a CD (compact disc), I'm confused about where someone in France would go to buy CDs specifically.

(Sorry if this is a terribly naive question.)

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here is the word for "a music shop, a CD shop" = un discaire

No worries! It's not a naive question at all. When trying to determine where someone in France would go to buy CDs, you can consider common places that sell music. One logical answer could be:

"Tu viens du magasin de musique."

In France, a common place to buy CDs is at a "magasin de musique," which translates to a music store. This is where people usually go to purchase CDs or other forms of recorded music.

So, in this context, the most logical answer would be "Tu viens du magasin de musique" (You come from the music store). This implies that the person being referred to has just come back from the music store, possibly after buying or browsing for a CD.