what does it mean: literary journal

The term "literary journal" can mean two things, I think.

1. A magazine or journal that is published and focuses only on literary works, current and past.

2. A journal that YOU keep as you read; in this journal you write your reactions to the works that you read, whether they are poetry or prose. If you are keeping a literary journal for a particular class, the teacher will probably have directions for you to follow, but mostly it's a place for you to record what you think about each work, not just to summarize the works.


A literary journal is a magazine that appeals to, and its circulation is mostly in, literary circles: academics, writers, and poets

who are interested in new and emerging literature. It typically publishes a variety of literary works such as poetry, short stories, essays, and book reviews. Literary journals often aim to showcase the work of both established and up-and-coming writers, providing a platform for them to share their creative expressions with a like-minded audience.

To find literary journals, you can start by searching online using search engines like Google. Simply type in "literary journal" and you will find a list of options to explore. Additionally, many universities and colleges have their own literary journals, which you can find by visiting their websites.

It's worth noting that literary journals often have a submission process for writers who want to have their work considered for publication. If you're interested in submitting your own work to a literary journal, it's recommended to read their submission guidelines carefully. These guidelines will outline the specific requirements and instructions for submitting your writing for consideration.

Overall, a literary journal is a valuable resource for both writers and readers, providing a platform for literary expression and fostering a community of literary enthusiasts.