Okay so I have some online activities and I'm not sure what they are asking.

Completa las oraciones con el tiempo verbal adecuado.

A. Situaciones probables o futuras

Si Teresa no viene pronto, nosotros ______ (tener) que ir sin ella.

B. Situaciones hipotéticas sobre el presente

Si Carla tuviera más experiencia, yo la _____ (contratar).

C. Situaciones habituales en el pasado

Si llegaba tarde en mi trabajo anterior, la gerente me _____ (gritar).

How do I tell what tense to conjugate in?

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  1. Complete the sentences with the appropriate verbal tense. You will be choosing from perhaps: Present, Imperfect, Preterit, Future, etc. How do you know which one? You need to understand what the sentence says to know.

    A. probable or future = tendremos

    B. hypothetical. If you begin with a "si clause" and Imperfect (Past) Subjunctive, you MUST have the conditional.

    Since B. tells me the level of Spanish you have, I shouldn't need to give you the answers. Repost after you try.

    C. habitual in the past = the use of the Imperfect tells you.


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