A computer company plans to produce 30,000 computers next year they will sell for bire 700 each the fixed cost of operation care bire 5 million and total variable costs are birr birr 6 million what is the break even point

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  1. To find the break-even point, we need to know the total revenue and total cost for producing and selling 30,000 computers.

    Total Revenue = Selling Price x Number of Units Sold
    Total Revenue = 700 x 30,000
    Total Revenue = 21,000,000 birr

    Total Cost = Fixed Cost + Variable Cost
    Total Cost = 5,000,000 birr + 6,000,000 birr
    Total Cost = 11,000,000 birr

    Now, we can calculate the break-even point using the formula:

    Break-even point = Total Cost / Selling Price per unit

    Break-even point = 11,000,000 / 700
    Break-even point = 15,714.29

    Therefore, the break-even point is 15,714 units. This means the company needs to sell at least 15,714 computers to cover its total costs. Any sales over this number will result in a profit.

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