In which situation are unbalanced forces acting on an object?(1 point)

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  1. Unbalanced forces act on an object when there is a net force that causes a change in the object's motion. This happens when there is a difference between the forces acting on opposite sides of the object or when multiple forces act in different directions. For example, when a car is accelerating or decelerating, there are unbalanced forces acting on it since there is a net force causing a change in its velocity.

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    1 Two people stand on the same side of a large tire. Both people pull the tire with equal force.

    2 an object’s resistance to a change its motion

    3 The car moves forward, while inertia keeps the balloon in place.

    4 The unbalanced forces of air resistance and gravity slow the airplane and pull it down.

    5 An unbalanced force can change both the object's direction and speed.

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