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(posting whole assessment FROM CONNEXUS)

(1) Which option describes dialect?(1 point)

A. language that is used in a particular region or by a particular group
B. language that follows strict rules for grammar, spelling, and punctuation
C. language that is specific to a type of job or activity
D.language that breaks strict rules for grammar, spelling, and punctuation

(2)Use the sentence to answer the question.

Casey didn't know nothing about the broken window.

Which kind of nonstandard English did she use?
(1 point)

A. slang
B.double negative
D. incorrect intensive pronouns

(3/5) A biologist is talking to some other biologists about genomes and karyotypes. Which kind of standard English is the biologist using?(1 point)

B. slang
C. intensive pronouns

(4)Which sentences are variations of standard English? Select the two correct answers.(1 point)

A. I ain't interested in watching that movie.
B.A judge ordered a provisional remedy to protect the defendant until the trial.
C.My dog wouldn't jump on nobody.
D.Eric ourselves chose to stay home instead of come with us to play baseball on Saturday.
E.When I moved to North Carolina from California, I had to get used to words like ya'll.

(5/5)Which option describes standard English?(1 point)

A language that breaks from the rules of grammar, spelling, or punctuation
B language that follows strict rules for grammar, spelling, and punctuation
Clanguage that is used in casual conversations with family or friends
D language that repeats negative words in sentences

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