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The price of products may increase due to inflation and decrease due to depreciation. Marco is studying the change in the price of two products, A and B, over time.

The price f(x), in dollars, of product A after x years is represented by the function below:

f(x) = 12500(0.82)x

Part A: Is the price of product A increasing or decreasing and by what percentage per year? Justify your answer. (5 points)

Part B: The table below shows the price f(t), in dollars, of product B after t years:

t (number of years) 1 2 3 4
f(t) (price in dollars) 5600 3136 1756.16 983.45

Which product recorded a greater percentage change in price over the previous year? Justify your answer.

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1 answer
  1. since 0.82 < 1 clearly the price is decreasing by .18 = 18% each year

    3136/5600 = 0.56
    so, what do you think?

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