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PO + a
80 84

1. The nuclear equation shows the transmutation of a form of radon into polonium and an alpha particle. In one to two sentences, explain whether or not the reaction is balanced.

2. Nuclear reactions can be written out in the equation form with information about the nuclei that take place in the fusion reaction and the nuclei that are produced. In one to two sentences, explain how you would identify the reaction as fusion, and give two different criteria.

10 10
C ↪ B + 0
6 5. e

Sorry if these are confusing.
Number one would be 219 then below that would be 80 then next to both would be Rn then ↪ 215 and below 215 would be 84 then next to it it's PO + a.

Number two would be 10 and 6 below the 10 then C next to 10 and 6 ↪ then 10 and then below 10 would be 5 and next to that would be B + 0 then below 0 you do
" +1" then next to that is e.

Again I'm so sorry if this is confusing. If, I had the symbols or anything, I would use them to make it understand more. But please try to help me the best you could.

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1 answer

  1. You're right. It is confusing but thanks for trying to explain. I can't answer BECAUSE the atomic number of Rn is 86 or perhaps that IS the answer. The equation isn't balanced because the number 80 should be 86. If it were 86 the equation would balance. Here is what you can do on the computer that makes more sense. Technically it isn't quite correct BECAUSE the atomic mass is the superscript on the left and the atomic number is the subscript on the left. The best I can do is this if I understand what you've done:
    80219Rn but to make those subscripts and superscripts isn't easy to do PLUS we have the Po AND the alpha. Here is a shortcut that isn't quite right but it is easier to do. We place the subscript on the left next to the element and we place the superscript ON THE RIGHT but we just understand it should be on the left. That makes it easier to read like this.
    80Rn219 ==> 84Po215 + 2He4
    Now the subscripts must add up on both sides; the superscripts must add up on both sides. See 80 = 84 + 2==NO.
    219 = 215 + 4 = yes.
    So I think the way the question is worded makes that 80 incorrect and that doesn't add up . If we use 86 the correct radioactive equation would look like this.
    86Rn219 ==> 84Po215 + 2He4

    Number 2 doesn't look like a fusion reaction to me. Perhaps I don't understand the equation you wrote. If you would like to rewrite and repost using the technique I've show above, please feel free to do so.

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