Can you help me unscramble these words; dramalanse,ubrocai,planotee,evebra, chorits. they are animal names.Please help!!! thanks

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unscramble to spell an animal dramalanse

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  1. ubrocai = caribou
    planotee = antelope
    evebra = beaver
    chorits = ostrich
    currently working on dramalanse

  2. dramalanse = salamander

  3. dramalanse is salamander. I have this in school.

  4. ubrocai

  5. caribou

  6. ruppocine

  7. ruppocine-porcupine

  8. unscramble this word

  9. giraffe

  10. what is kravadar

  11. Kravadar is aardvark

  12. Osmoe=Mouse

  13. Largloi= gorilla

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