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A society is characterized by similar values, mutual interests, shared institutions, and a common culture. Consider the following question: To what extent would it be accurate to say that the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies had merged to create a single American society by the outbreak of the Revolution?

Brainstorm questions for which you need to answers in order to formulate a carefully considered response.

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Hi there.

In my opinion this is a highly accurate statement. At the time (and even now) various parts of the country held significantly different values, interests and even had different cultures. To put it another way, they were essentially different societies by the given definition. I can't list all of these differences off hand but any textbook on American History should be able to provide you with those details.

If I'm reading this correctly you need to come up with questions. I would start with four simple questions regarding the differences and similarities between the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies prior to the revolution and the extent to which they varied on values, interests, shared institutions and culture. Those questions would help determine whether or not the colonies would qualify as one or multiple societies prior to the revolution.

I would follow that up with a question regarding the colonies group behavior by the outbreak of the revolution. Did they in fact merge together? If so, in what ways? This question will help to determine whether or not the joining of the colonies actually qualifies as a singular American Society.

The key to all of these questions seems to be the term “society” and the given definition.

Consider this,

A student in an AP US History course is attempting to seek help on his/her assignment by utilizing internet resources and the ideas of others.

This, unfortunately, is against our plagerism rules outlined on the very first day of class.

I will be notifing Ms. Holland of this (IP addresses, when coupled with WCPSS student information, are extremely good indicators of who has posted this) and you will be removed from the course, immediately.

- Susan

slavery, differant religions, agriculteral and industry progression, labor systems, political structure, trade.

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  1. Hey "Susan" there is nothing wrong with using other people for help with questions as long as you paraphrase it. Stop being such a tryhard because unfortunately, based on your guidelines everyone has broken that rule, so you might as well kick everyone from your program. And I hope you never found that person.

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