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Butane, C4H10, is a component of natural gas that is used as fuel for cigarette lighters. The balanced equation of the complete combustion of butane is:


At 1.00 atm and 23 ∘C, what is the volume of carbon dioxide formed by the combustion of 1.40 g of butane?

Express your answer with the appropriate units.

NOTE: I got 1.676L, but it says that it is a wrong answer :(

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1 answer

  1. Why didn't you show how you obtained that 1.676 L. I could have taken one look at it and told you where you went wrong.
    How many mols is 1.4 grams butane. That's mols = g/molar mass = 1.40/58 = approx 0.024.
    Convert mols C4H10 to mols CO2 produced. That's
    0.024 mols C4H10 x (8 mols CO2/2 mol C4H10) = 0.024 x 4 = about 0.096 mols CO2. Plug that into
    PV = nRT
    1*V = 0.096 x 0.08206*(23+273)
    Solve for V in liters.
    Post your work if you get stuck.

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