.Kinyua spent 1/4 of his net January salary on school fees. He spent 1/4 of the remainder on

electricity and water bills. He spent 1/9 of what remained on transport. If he finally has
sh.8400, calculate
a) His total January salary
b) Money spent on school fees
c) Money spent on transport
d) Money spent on electricity and water bills

3 answers

  1. Net salary = $x.
    school fees: x/4. Remainder = 3x/4.
    electricity: 1/4 * 3x/4 = 3x/16. remainder = 3x/4-3x/16 = 9x/16.
    transportation: 1/9 * 9x/16 = x/16. remainder = 9x/16-x/16 = 8x/16.

    a. 8x/16 = 8400
    X = 16,800.

    b. x/4 =

    c. x/16 =

    d. 3x/16 =

  2. d.3x/16=44,800✓.

  3. Those solutions have helped me a lot.
    Thanks for this app

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