I just need help with a few questions, please!

During Meiosis, the alleles on each gene will separate individually into the gametes. This means that no matter what alleles were paired together in the parent, each gamete receives one allele. Mendel states this to be the Law of?
A, Gene Assortment | B, Independent Segregation | C, Gene Regulation | D. Independent Assortment

My answer - A, Gene Assortment
Is this correct?

(fill in the blank)
In Genetics, the physical appearance of an organism is know as its ___?
I think it might be traits or characteristics, but I don't know? If this is classified as cheating, please let me know and I'll post a different thread without this question.

The segregation that occurs during meiosis results in a?
A, single fertilized egg cell | B, Reduction in the number of chromosomes per cell | C, group of genetically identical cells | D, decrease in the total number of cells per organism

Thanks for any help you guys may give! Again if the fill in the blank one is considered cheating I'll make a new thread without it!

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  1. No; phenotype?; each cell has only 1/2 chromosomes

  2. bobpursley - For which question?
    Yes I get that each cell only has 1/2 chromosomes, I'm just having trouble with this test I have to do, even going back through my lessons isn't helping me, and sure I could be missing something, knowing me I probably am, but I thought I would turn to the internet for help, well more than my online class!

    I should probably re read everything, and I will tomorrow, so hopefully I will be able to get the answers then, but hopefully I will get some help before then (not saying you aren't being helpful...)

    Hopefully that all wasn't a mess you couldn't understand, thanks anyways!

  3. Mendel law of independent assortment deals with meiosis, so your answer choice is wrong.

    Phenotype is the answer choice for the fill in the blank.

    Meiosis results in a division from 2n to n. So, answer choice B is the correct answer choice.

    *****questions need to be grammatically corrected.

  4. Anonymous - Thanks! Sorry if everything wasn't grammatically correct, I was typing in a hurry as it was late at night for me at time of posting... Thanks for all the help guys! <3

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