From "Ten Songs"

Passports can’t do what ________ does. (1 point)
an airplane
a yew tree
a committee****
an atlas
Who offered the narrator a chair? (1 point)
the consul
a committee
the speaker****
The narrator saw_______ in a jacket. (1 point)
a politician****
a poodle
the consul

is my answers correct? if not what are right answers are?

1. The language poem compares fog to

D. An animal
2. The narrator wear a ___
D. morning coat
3. The narrator asks, “Do I dare eat___
A. A peach
4. A. Baby
5. A. Woman
6. The narrators country is
C. In an atlas
7. Passports can’t do what ___ does
B. a yew tree
8. Who offered the narrator a chair?
B. A committee
9. The narrator saw___ in a jacket
C. A poodle

Thanx a lot y'all are smart.

@Punkgal tysm I needed that

Is this the poem?

For real, they are all wrong

Your correct

Punkgal is 100% correct

yea it that is the poem @Ms.Sue


I think it is