1. Why did Xerxes want to conquer Greece?

a. to increase his country's wealth
b. to win glory
c. for revenge
d. all of these**

2. Xerxes was king of
a. Athens
b. Persia**
c. Delos
d. Crete

3. The Greeks won the Battle of Salamis because their ships
a. could move around quickly**
b. outnumbered their enemines
c. came from the Spartan Navy
d. sank

4. Which two armies worked together to defeat the Persians in 499 BC
a. Jews and Zoroasters
b. Phoenecians and Mesopotamians
c. Greeks in Asia Minor and Athenians**
d. Syrians and Canaanites

5. The Persian Empire under Cyrus the Great covered Northern Mesopotamia, Syria, Canaan, the Phoenician cities and
a. the Caspian Sea
b. Greece
c. The Red Sea
d. Asia Minor**

** are the answers I think they are: can someone tell me if these are correct?

Your answers all seem correct.

Yes they all are i just took the test and got 100% thanks.

Yeah, you are right, you probably dont trust me, but I promise I am telling the truth. Just try it and you'll see.

They were all right! Trust me! This defintally helped. Thx!

Thanks that helped

you are right just got 100%

Thanks a lot