Which accurately describes an impact of scientific innovation during the Renaissance?

a. Invention of concrete helped the Byzantine Empire defend its borders from the Holy Roman Empire.
b. Invention of concrete enabled the Holy Roman Empire to construct new weapons against the Byzantine Empire.
c. Gutenberg’s printing press helped the Catholic Church distribute mass printings of the bible to the poor.
d. Gutenberg’s printing press enabled the flow of knowledge and literacy throughout Europe.

I think it is a but to be honest i can barely remember learning about this

Yes, d. The first two choices are way before the Renaissance.

I can confirm, it's D

okay I reread and now i'm thinking d

I don't think it's A. Re-read your text materials.

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okay thank you so much

thanks bob

You're welcome.

BTW, the Egyptians were using an early form of concrete to construct the pyramids over 5,000 years ago, LONG before the Renaissance.