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Identify the areas of physics involved in each of the following tests of a lightweight metal alloy proposed for use in sailboat hulls:

a. testing the effects of a collision on the alloy
Would this be relativity since relativity includes particle collisions?
b. testing the effects of extreme heat and cold on the alloy
My answer is thermodynamics- dealing with temperature.
c. testing whether the alloy can affect a magnetic compass needle
ummmmm....... electromagnetism? because it says "magnetic"?

Testing the "effects" of collision involves strength testing, which involves forces and deformations. Mechanics.

Effects of heat and cold: Mechanics again, with thermodynamics.

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Tom has a mass of 28.9 kg, as Tom paddles, a force of 9.9 N acts in a direction due east. In addition, the current of water exerts a force of 3.6 N on Tom in a direction 53o south of east. When these forces begin to act the initial velocity of the Tom is 20 m/s in a direction due east. Find the y-direction displacement of the Tom in 8 s.

is copper or aluminium pans better than the iron ones

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  1. i need help with physics

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